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Ngā Rohe


Te Ataarangi is comprised of independently operating regions (rohe). Each rohe organise local community-based classes and immersion gatherings. Regional-coordinated activities represent the needs and interests specific to their community at a local level and foster the development of the next generation of speakers. This structure has allowed tribal dialects and vocabulary to flourish. 

Community-based classes

Community-based classes are informal classes run in various locations throughout the country. The focus is on speaking Māori in a supportive environment. Everyone learns together at the same pace.

You can learn to speak Māori with confidence in a fun and non-threatening manner. Te Ataarangi is best known for its use of Cuisenaire rods (rākau) in an immersion environment. It’s an effective method that works.

Community-based classes receive limited or no funding, therefore a fee may be charged. If you are interested in attending a community-based class, please check out our Rohe section.

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Hui Whānui o Te Ataarangi

Held annually, at a national level, the Hui Whānui is hosted in turn by each of the Te Ataarangi regions. This year, the Hui Whānui will be held in Gisborne on the 17th – 19th November 2023.

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