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Whakarauora Reo

Language Revitalisation

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For 45 years Te Ataarangi has been at the forefront of Māori Language Revitalisation

Our language revitalisation initiatives focus on:

  • Working to support the Māori language being spoken naturally between generations in the home and community

  • Growing the numbers of people who speak te reo

  • Building speaker communities i.e bringing groups with a shared interest together to speak te reo

  • Accommodating local and regional language differences

“It only takes one generation to lose a language but at least three to bring it back”

Dr Joshua Fishman


What can you do to ensure the survival of te reo Māori?

  • Find a class that will help to develop your speaking ability

  • Return what you learn to the home and use it amongst all members of your whānau, especially children and mokopuna

  • Choose to use te reo Māori in everyday conversations, even a few words or phrases

  • Come together with others who speak te reo to increase your confidence e.g. coffee catch up, kapa haka, sports etc

  • Understand the importance of why we need to revitalise te reo Māori

How can you help increase the use of te reo Māori in the home?

  • It is very important that children see value in the language being spoken i.e they hear you use it often with them and others

  • Set goals for your whānau and plan how to achieve them (start small and build on that)

  • Choose times (during breakfast), places (in the car going to school) or context (sports group) in which to use te reo

  • Strengthen and use your reo with more confidence in a range of activities and situations

  • Learn pūrākau, history and waiata of your region

Te Āpōpōtanga

Te Āpōpōtanga is a crucial element of the Te Ataarangi Strategic Plan, shaping the Trust's future direction. The present emphasis is on enhancing capacity and capability across all regions of Te Ataarangi. Te Ataarangi appreciates the support from Te Mātāwai in realising this plan.

 Te Āpōpōtanga 

Te Māhuri – Te Ara Whakangungu Kaiwhakaako o Te Ataarangi 

A national plan to increase the numbers of kaiwhakaako trained in Te Ataarangi methodology.

  • To graduate at least 100 new kaiwhakaako

  • New graduates will be trained in the principles of language planning and intergenerational language transmission

  • Also incorporates regional language and tikanga variations

  • We welcome trainees from all sources, this includes graduates of Kura Kaupapa, iwi representatives and those with an interest in whakarauora reo

  • Alongside the other strands of this project will be the ability to engage new Kaiako in full time work


Te Āpōpōtanga

Language Acquisition

The delivery of immersion based language learning sessions

  • To graduate at least 1000 students nationally

  • Includes night classes, day classes and weekend wānanga

  • Support students to develop language plans

  • Provide opportunities for students to use their reo outside of the formal learning environment

Te Āpōpōtanga

Pokapū Rumaki - Community Immersion Hubs

To prioritise building and supporting speaker communities

  • Facilitate immersion activities and events in the community

  • Increase spaces where te reo Māori is normalised and prioritised

  • Supporting whānau to manage language planning strategies ensuring intergenerational language transmission

  • Develop relationships with iwi and hapū to support their language strategies

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Te Āpōpōtanga

Professional development training for current kaiwhakaako o Te Ataarangi

To provide training and up-skilling opportunities for experienced kaiwhakaako

  • Providing forums to update teaching and language revitalisation knowledge

  • Provide access to resources that will assist them in their roles within their rohe

  • Provide networking opportunities

  • Upskilling in use of the Learning Management System, an online platform

  • An opportunity to ensure quality delivery of services

Te Āpōpōtanga

Whakapakari rohe – Building regional capability and capacity

To enable rohe to deliver their own programmes and catering to the language needs of their communities

  • To assist with setting up governance structures, processes and procedures to enable long term, self-sufficient rohe

  • Up-skilling volunteers

  • To assist with accessing funding support to ensure continuation long term


Te Āpōpōtanga

Learning Management System

An online learning management facility to be developed and accessible by all rohe

  • Training will be provided in how to make full use of the LMS

  • Content will be added that is applicable to each rohe rohe including videos of mahi rākau, waiata, kōrero hītori

  • All rohe will have their own portal allowing storage and access of their own resources

  • All rohe will have the responsibility as to whether they want to share their information such as history and whakapapa with the general portal

  • Kaiako will be able to access information such as lesson plans, teaching and language revitalisation resources, etc.

  • Building the capacity to securely store student information enabling Te Ataarangi to gather crucial student data

Kaupapa Tūhono


Te Ata Raukura

A kaupapa being delivered by Te Ataarangi for kaimahi and whānau of Te Kōhanga Reo. In 2024 it is being delivered in Te Tai Tokerau, Tāmaki Makaurau and Tainui alongside three regionally based Kura Reo.


Te Ahu o te reo Māori

Ministry of Education programme delivered by Te Ataarangi with Te Rūnanga nui o ngā Kura Kaupapa Māori and Te Rito Maioha.

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